Optical Perspectives Group designs and manufactures Optical Alignment and Optical Inspection Instruments that make it easy to maximize the performance of optical systems.

About Optical Perspectives Group

About Optical Perspectives Group

OPG instruments help you align and center optics, align optical systems and achieve all design performance specifications, faster, and at lower cost, than traditional methods.


OPG optimizes performance while minimizing your risk.

OPG optimizes performance while minimizing your risk.

Optical Perspectives Group (OPG) are experts at optical fabrication, testing, assembly and alignment, and can recommend cost effective sources for your optical components and subassemblies.



CaliBall Special Offer

Directly from Optiper.com

It is now possible to buy both versions of the CaliBall right here on this website. 


Featured Products

Point Source Microscope

Point Source Microscope

PSM Point Source Microscope

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MicroFinish Topographer

MicroFinish Topographer

Universal Surface Roughness Measurement

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Centering Station for PSM

Centering Station for PSM

Centering Station for PSM Point Source Microscope

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CaliBall I & II

CaliBall I & II

CaliBall, a calibration artifact using the Random Ball Test

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  • Videos from The Optical Society

    Videos from The Optical Society

    The Optical Society offered Robert (Bob) Parks an opportunity to share his stories of excitement and inspiration in a couple of short videos.

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  • News announcement about what is happening in 2018 for OPG

    For the last three years Optical Perspectives Group, LLC (OPG) had a licensing agreement with Trioptics-USA to manufacture and sell OPG products exclusively world-wide.

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  • NEW Instructions for Using CaliBall

    Using the CaliBallTM to calibrate interferometer transmission or reference spheres using the random ball test is almost fool proof.

    However, observing a few simple precautions will improve the results of the calibration.

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  • April 2017 Newsletter

    As I explained two months ago about the licensing agreement with Trioptics-USA to manufacture and sell the Point Source Microscope (PSM) and MicroFinish Topographer (MFT), this gives me time to develop new applications for both instruments and to consult on applying those applications. I am pleased to say that the applications spawned by customer inquiries and my own curiosity have led to four papers that will be presented this summer and fall. See the March Newsletter for the venues, titles and abstracts of the papers.

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  • March 2017 Newsletter

    Upcoming Conferences and Meetings with papers from OPG

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  • February 2017 Newsletter

    As many of you know, and perhaps wondered why, Optical Perspectives Group (OPG) has exclusively licensed the sale and manufacture of the Point Source Microscope (PSM) and MicroFinish Topographer (MFT) to Davidson Optronics, a division of Trioptics-USA.

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A Contemporary Version of the Autostigmatic Microscope and Its Uses


What is an autostigmatic microscope (ASM)

Measuring the radius of curvature of a concave surface
– Main historical use

Modern version of an ASM uses internal infinite conjugate optics

Use of an ASM for alignment of optical systems

Other uses of an ASM


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    "Measuring the four paraxial lens parameters using an autostigmatic microscope"





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Conferences and Exhibitions

  • 33rd ASPE Annual Meeting

    33rd ASPE Annual Meeting

    November 4-9, 2018
    Red Rock Casino • Resort • Spa
    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    Booth 104


Case Studies & Testimonials

  • How small can the PSM be used for centering on a cylindrical axis?

    The PSM is an ideal tool for finding the center of curvature of a ball or the axis of a cylinder. The question is for how small a ball or cylinder can the PSM do this?

    The smallest article that was readily available was a piece of monofilament 8 pound test fishing line that was 290 μm in diameter. There was no problem finding the axis of the fishline, and separating the Cat’s eye reflection from the surface from the confocal reflection of the axis. The experiment was done with a 5x objective, and the result would have been even more definitive using a 10x objective.

  • Why is proper alignment so important?

    Here is a case of a very happy customer due to better optics.

    A few days ago an astronomer friend of mine commented that he had gotten the optics of his telescope improved and the improvement reduced the time it took to get data by a factor of 3. For an astronomer this is a dramatic improvement since observing time on large telescopes can cost thousands of dollars an hour.

    My friend did not say how the optics had been improved, but the important point is that better optics, whether due to figure errors, mounting or alignment mean more productive optics. I generally think of better optics as a better product leaving the manufacturing facility without thinking about how much the better optics mean to the productivity of the customer.

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