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CaliBall™ I

CaliBall™ I is for either horizontal or vertical interferometer set ups but it requires an x-y-z stage to position the CaliBall center at the transmission sphere focus.
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The CaliBall™ is used to calibrate interferometer transmission spheres by using the Random Ball Test (RBT). The Random Ball Test was used with some success in the past but the materials that the balls were made from limited the measurement accuracy. The CaliBall™ has overcome the accuracy dilemma since it is made from silicon nitride. The 25mm balls are grade 5 (round to better than 125nm), have a surface finish of ~1.3nm rms, are opaque and 11% reflective. Virtually indestructible, Caliball™ is a practical solution that can be used repeatedly in a calibration environment for years without degradation.

Details of the CaliBall™ I package:

The CaliBall™ I is particularly well suited for calibrating downward looking interferometers and can also be used with horizontal looking interferometers with transmission spheres as fast as f/0.7. A customer supplied x-y-z stage is required to position the CaliBall™ I at the focus of the transmission sphere to be calibrated.



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