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Right Angle Adapter (RAA)

The Right Angle Adapter (RAA) is a useful attachment for the Point Source Microscope (PSM) that adds flexibility in mounting the PSM by allowing the objective to be attached at right angles to the body of the PSM. This can help when there is not enough room in a setup for the full length of the PSM body but there is room if the objective is effectively looking out the side of the PSM. If the PSM is mounted on a CMM then the RAA can be rotated to different angles rather than re-mounting the PSM to look at an object from different angle.
The RAA replaces the objective adapter in the PSM and the objective adapter is mounted in the RAA.
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The RAA, green, fits into the PSM body in place of the objective adapter, the brown circular piece, while the objective adapter is then attached to the RAA. Then the objective can be pointed in any direction at right angles to the PSM body. 

This mounting of the objective shortens the “length” of the PSM in tight alignment situations, and makes using the PSM on a CMM or machine tool much easier because the direction of the pointing of the objective can be changed by loosening the 4 set screws holding the RAA, rotating the RAA to the desired pointing direction and retightening the set screws.


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